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The mystery box / 神秘盒

The unopened box represents the unknown that both intrigues and terrifies me. Since childhood, indecision
and fear of consequences have paralyzed me. I cope by avoiding and delaying, finding temporary peace in stasis.

Yet the box waits, its contents a mystery. Curiosity calls me to peek inside while fear warns me to leave it shut.
This contradiction has long troubled me. If the box is inescapable yet offers a glimpse within, would I dare look?
To open is to confront what I have so long evaded. The box holds the unknowable outcome I can forestall
but never escape. Though anxiety arises, action now feels like the only choice to quiet my restless mind.

The box symbolizes life's pivotal turns where we must choose to either open our eyes or keep them closed.
I wonder, if the choice were truly ours, would we face the unknown or stay blind to what awaits,
remaining trapped by our own fearful hesitation? This work asks if given the chance, would you open the box?

未打開的盒子代表著未知,讓我既好奇又害怕。 從童年時代起,優柔寡斷和對後果的恐懼使我癱瘓。

然而盒子還在等待,裡面的東西是個謎。 好奇心叫我往裡面窺視,而恐懼則警告我關上它。 這個矛盾一直困擾著我。
如果盒子是不可避免的,但可以瞥見裡面,我敢看嗎? 開放就是面對我長期以來一直迴避的東西。
盒子裡裝著我能預知卻永遠無法逃脫的不可知的結果。 儘管出現了焦慮,但現在行動似乎是讓我

盒子像徵著生命的關鍵轉折,我們必須選擇睜開眼睛或閉上眼睛。 我想知道,如果選擇真的是我們的,
我們會面對未知還是對等待的事物視而不見,繼續被我們自己恐懼的猶豫所困? 如果有機會,你會打開盒子嗎?

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