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Liu Wai Hang (Ticko) (b. 1996, Hong Kong) is a Hong Kong-based visual artist.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts

from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2019.

Ticko’s works have been widely exhibited, including Gallery Exit,

Square Street Gallery, JPS Gallery in Hong Kong / Japan and

Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien in Berlin, Germany.

He has participated in renowned art fairs such as ArtO21, Art Central,

Fine Art Asia, Affordable Art Fair, and Ink Asia.

Ticko has received several awards, including winning

the Sovereign Art Foundation Student Prize in 2018 and

being shortlisted for the Hong Kong Human Rights Art Prize in 2020.

His artworks have been acquired by prestigious institutions

and private collections, notably the Yuz Foundation.

He lives and works in Hong Kong

香港藝術家廖諱衡(Ticko)(1996 年生於香港)。

他 2019 年於香港浸會大學畢業,獲得視覺藝術學士學位。

Ticko的作品曾廣泛展出,包括香港的Gallery Exit、四方街畫廊、

JPS畫廊(香港/日本)和德國柏林 Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien 藝術館。 曾參加 上海廿一當代藝術博覽會、Art Central、典亞藝博、Affordable Art Fair、水墨藝博等知名藝博會。

Ticko 曾獲得多個獎項,包括 2018 年贏得 Sovereign Art Foundation

學生獎,併入圍2020 年香港人權藝術獎。他的作品被知名機構和私人收藏,尤其是余德耀基金會。




Ticko's creative practice is based on the artist's exploration of the relationships between existentialism, determinism, empiricism, and the concept of time, in an attempt to find meaning within one's lifespan. He draws inspiration from everyday scenes in the natural world, flora and fauna, films, moving images, religion, and toy collections. Upon realising how fleeting life truly is, he firmly believes there must be a purpose, and only by capturing different moments across time and space, and retaining time as much as possible, can one accumulate and seek the way.

Rotation is the truth of all things. Bees circle flowers, and buses circle mountains as they travel. The moon and sun chase each other. No one has seen where meteors end, yet they are dazzling in the sky. Perhaps the passion and collisions of meteors kissing the Earth's crust accumulate over time to form mountains. Magnifying stars and moss reveals another world.











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