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Liu Wai Hang (Ticko) (b. 1996, Hong Kong) is a Hong Kong-based visual artist.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts

from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2019.

Ticko’s works have been widely exhibited, including Gallery Exit,

Square Street Gallery, JPS Gallery in Hong Kong / Japan and

Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien in Berlin, Germany.

He has participated in renowned art fairs such as Art Central,

Fine Art Asia, Affordable Art Fair, and Ink Asia.

Ticko has received several awards, including winning

the Sovereign Art Foundation Student Prize in 2018 and

being shortlisted for the Hong Kong Human Rights Art Prize in 2020.

His artworks have been acquired by prestigious institutions

and private collections, notably the Yuz Foundation.

He lives and works in Hong Kong

香港藝術家廖諱衡(Ticko)(1996 年生於香港)。

他 2019 年於香港浸會大學畢業,獲得視覺藝術學士學位。

Ticko的作品曾廣泛展出,包括香港的Gallery Exit、四方街畫廊、

JPS畫廊(香港/日本)和德國柏林 Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien 藝術館。 曾參加Art Central、典亞藝博、Affordable Art Fair、


Ticko 曾獲得多個獎項,包括 2018 年贏得

Sovereign Art Foundation 學生獎,併入圍

2020 年香港人權藝術獎。他的作品被知名機構和私人收藏,





Ticko's surrealistic paintings are collages of his myriad ideas, inspirations, images, and observations. A man of many interests, the artist recalls a childhood immersed in wild and boundless imaginations, expressed through the act of painting amidst a repressive environment.


Liu has a keen eye for observation, and his creations are inspired by various daily scenes, flora, and fauna in the natural world, the cinema, moving images, his collection of toy models, etc. All these are reimagined by the artist and rendered in bright colors and undulating lines on the canvas, presenting a fantasy space of every day that is nonetheless believable and relatable. By recording the small things around him, the artist tries to lead the viewer into his imaginary world.


Liu uses bright colors and familiar scenes to render the quotidian memories. As if mapping the traces of his past, the canvas is divided into blocks of color and is often interspersed with wavy, bright lines. a salient metaphor for mutable futures and the decay of material life.


作為一個興趣廣泛的人,這位藝術家回憶起童年時沉浸在狂野和無邊無際的想像力中,通過在壓抑的環境中進行繪畫的行為來表達。 廖先生具有敏銳的觀察力,他的創作靈感來自於自然世界中的各種日常場景、動植物、電影、移動影像、他收藏的玩具模型等,這些都是藝術家重新想像和渲染的在畫布上以鮮豔的色彩和起伏的線條,呈現出一個每天都令人難以置信和相關的幻想空間。


諱衡通過記錄身邊的點點滴滴,試圖將觀者帶入他想像的世界。用鮮豔的色彩和熟悉的場景來渲染日常生活的記憶。 彷彿在描繪他過去的痕跡,畫布被分成色塊,並經常點綴著波浪形的明亮線條。對多變的未來和物質生活的衰退的一個顯著隱喻。



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