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In 2019, International Art Moves (IAM) workshop cooperates with HKBU Academy of Visual Art,
after half-year of hard work, The exhibition 'Pathfinder' is held in Berlin!! Let's check out what we did!
Mentored by visiting artists Dr. Martin Müller and Anne Müller, IAM Workshop invites students to
take part in an international visual arts exhibition in Kunstquartier Bethanien in Berlin in January 2020.
During the workshop, students will learn the skills to curate an exhibition
such as concept development, artwork selection, spatial design, and exhibition design.
The main aim of IAM international art moves is to give art students a real-life experience
by creating own exhibition project in the context of professional exhibition space.
The new venue for the IAM exhibitions is the famous "Kunstquartier Bethanien" in Berlin,
a former historic diaconal hospital building complex with a strong political history located in the center
and melting pot of Berlin Kreuzberg. Since 2010 this building is used by the "Kunstquartier Bethanien"
for arts of all media, artist groups, and cultural institutions. In 2011 and 2012 the IAM exhibitions were realized
as group exhibitions of 8 Academies at the OSTRALE, International Festival for Contemporary Arts in Dresden, Germany. IAM is still cooperating with the OSTRALE for special exhibitions and projects.

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